Q: When does the Wreath Campaign for RiversideHonor.com begin?
A: Wreath donations are welcomed and needed throughout the year. However, the media campaign begins in earnest on Veterans Day, November 11 and ends on November 30, 2022.

Q: Why must wreath donations be received at RiversideHonor.com by November 30, 2022?
A: To allow enough time for the wreaths to be made and shipped to Riverside National Cemetery by December 17, 2022. Wreaths will remain on the gravestones through Christmas and the New Year until they are removed in January.

Q: Can I request that my wreath(s) be placed on specific graves?
A: Yes, that option is available on our checkout page at RiversideHonor.com. You will be asked to provide the section(s) and site(s) for the grave(s) of your loved one(s). You can find that information using the VA’s Nationwide Grave Locator.

Q: Do any of the parties, Senior Veterans, Inc. /RiversideHonor.com, Wreaths Across America, Inc., or the VA National Cemeteries work with each other or partner with each other?
A: No, we do not. Senior Veterans, Inc./RiversideHonor.com is responsible for setting up the secure site, RiversideHonor.com, working with local media to promote the mission, holding donations in escrow and electronically forwarding these funds to Wreaths Across America, Inc. by the deadline date of November 30, 2022. Wreaths Across America, Inc. is responsible for making the wreaths and shipping these wreaths to Riverside National Cemetery. The cemeteries are destinations only. The parties do not collaborate, represent, speak for, endorse, or partner with each other or with any media outlet, local, state, or federal agencies or any other philanthropic organizations.

Q: I have received an electronic receipt for my donation that shows my payment/donation was processed by Senior Veterans, Inc., P.O. Box 61030, Colorado Springs, CO 80960. Why is that?
A: Senior Veterans, Inc. operates and maintains the secure site, RiversideHonor.com. By law, your receipt shows our charity’s legal name, our EIN #45-4128580 and your donation amount if you choose to use this for tax purposes. Your gift may qualify as a taxable deduction for income tax purposes. Please consult your tax adviser and keep your electronic receipt.

Q:  When will these wreaths be placed and can I participate and/or volunteer to place the wreaths?
A: Currently, the wreath laying event, no formal ceremony, at Riverside National Cemetery is open to the public. Should we become aware of any restrictions, i.e., parking issues, limitations on attendance or other restrictions, we will post that on this site just as soon as we are made aware of it. This is the date and time that the public is invited to attend:

  • Riverside National Cemetery-December 17, 2022-9:00 AM

Q: Can I make my donation by check and send it in the mail?
A: You certainly can. Our mailing address is: Senior Veterans, Inc., P.O. Box 61030, Colorado Springs, CO, 80960. Please add, Riverside Wreath Campaign on the memo portion of the check. We will send you a receipt for tax purposes only if you request it, by February 15, 2023.

Q: Will my name, or the name of my company be listed as a donor on this site for the 2022 campaign?
A: It will unless you check the box on the donation page to keep your name anonymous. Keep in mind, we list only your name or the name of your company, never the donation amount or any other proprietary information.

Q: Is there a minimum donation?
A: Never, any amount helps put more wreaths on gravestones. In years past, our average donation was just over $30.00.